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Panzault Panzault


New action game.
Coming soon.

Astroback Astroback


The Astroback is adventure. Adventure into uncharted planet.
Our hero has crashed and he had to explore this new world. Adverse conditions and evil animals do not break our hero and he'll come back home!
Sponsored by Gameark.

Twisted kingdom Twisted kingdom

Twisted kingdom

Twisted Kingdom is a puzzle game in which you have to complete various objectives by building houses on a grid. When you create groups of three identical buildings, they will merge into a bigger and better building. Your goals in each level range from building a certain number of buildings to trapping peasants. You have a limited number of moves to complete these goals.
Sponsored by Gamezhero.

MonstersHill MonstersHill


A new game, where you need to combine colored funny monsters.
Features: different bonuses like bombs or acid, 20 achievements, funny sounds, great music and good art!
Sponsored by Gameshero.

Kolobok Kolobok


Made for #FGDC4.
In this game you play for fun smilley - Kolobok.
You can transform into four different forms with different abilities. Rool on ground, freeze water, burn wood and fly very hight!
Sponsored by NowGamez.

Amoebas Amoebas


Our first game.
In this game your target - combine small amoebas to get a one bigger.
You can use different bonuses to make game easer. But bad amoebas don't get you go to sleep.
Sponsored by Clockworkmonster.